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This "Terms and conditions" are in some portions automaticaly translated with google language tools. While registering to our service you agree that you have understand that only the german original "Terms and conditions " are correct and valid for the whole service! You can find them here:

Terms an conditions

1. General

1.1 The Service Provider HomepageService for You (, provides the user a free website and other services under the domain (hereinafter referred to as HomepageService for You ) exclusively to the following terms and conditions. The user accepts the Terms of Service HomepageService for You at registration.

1.2 The Users are, as an author of the free homepage (website) and as an author on other services that HomepageService for You provides, solely responsible for their content. The content may not be racist, right-or left-wing extremist, erotic, pornographic or illegal nature.

1.3 Although the legal duty to imprint is not entirely clear, the user is required to insert an imprint on his homepage. This must include the name and address as well as an opportunity to communicate Recording (e-mail address or telephone number) included. Even sites that have no commercial character must also have an imprint.

1.4 There is no legal claim to the availability of HomepageService for You. For possibly through the use of discount HomepageService for You created material and immaterial damages shall not be liable HomepageService for You. Not even when the website was already extended by collecting or buying of points.

1.5 HomepageService for You has no influence on the design and content of user pages. HomepageService for You therefore accepts no responsibility for the timeliness, accuracy, completeness, compliance with legal or quality of information provided there. Therefore distanced HomepageService for You hereby expressly from all contents of these pages. For illegal, incorrect or incomplete contents and for damages resulting from the use of such offered information, alone the author to that page referred to, and not one who merely refers about links to the respective publication. For third-party content, the website service for You to use ready, HomepageService for You is only responsible if HomepageService for You got a positive note from this content and it would be technically possible and reasonable to prevent their use. (§ 11 II TDG).

1.6 Each user may create as many free sites as he wants to do.

1.7 The homepages of the users may not be rented to another party, or be auctioned.

2nd Login to HomepageService for You

2.1 All claims in the application must be correct and accurate.

2.2 The user receives its user information (username & password) to the notification by email. The user has the obligation to keep the information confidential. If the user forgets his password, he can on the main homepage of service for You to "login" function "Use Password". For security, this is a new password generated and sent to the user via email.

2.3 The application is free.

3rd Privacy & Newsletter

1.3 For security reasons Homepage Service for You save every time you log, you log into the members area and every time a home page the IP of the user. This is in case of abuse activities on the trigger.

3.2 The newsletter, which sent from HomepageService for You at irregular intervals to the specified notification email address is in the login area can be "canceled at any time under" Edit.

3.3 HomepageService for You from time to time sends system information via email to the email address provided during registration. This newsletter is not and can not be canceled. Content of these messages are notifications about important changes to the system or announcements.

3.4 The User agrees that in his application that can be preserved by him written content on the forum, guest books or other communication areas, even after termination .

4th Limitations of Liability

Use of the HomepageService for You services at their own risk of the user. HomepageService for You accepts no liability that the website service for You services at any time without interruption, timely, secure or error-free. HomepageService for You is not responsible for lost information and data of the member whether as part of the HomepageService for You provided space, or storage of the user. Information and advice that a user receives in the HomepageService for You services, be it on web pages, email or fax, written or oral does not guarantee service from Home for You, unless it was expressly agreed. The liability for accidental governmental actions, strikes, acts of God, natural disasters, accidental damage is excluded. The user acknowledges that the services of Home Services for You without the above disclaimers and liability limitations in the proposed form can be made available. The limitation of liability also applies to the employees and agents from HomepageService for You . This contract contains no exclusions or limitations of liability for You Home Service for the following cases:

Damage to life, limb or health as a result of negligence by HomepageService for You or his servants or agents
Intentional or grossly negligent breach of duty
Any other liability, whose exclusion is prohibited by law.
In addition, liability is limited to the typically foreseeable damage. This does not apply to the violation of essential contractual obligations and liability under the Product Liability Law

5th Change in service

1.5 HomepageService for You may specify in its discretion which services are provided in which levels of service. Restrictions, extensions and other changes to these services through HomepageService for You are always permitted.

6th Termination of membership

1.6 HomepageService for You shall be entitled to terminate the contract on participation in the HomepageService for You services with the user at any time without notice. Denunciation shall be effected by deletion of the homepage of the user. HomepageService for You is entitled to immediate termination for cause, without prior warning. An important reason in particular, if the user violates applicable law or these terms and conditions.

6.2 The user may be a member of HomepageService for You at any time without notice for any reason to Homepage Service for You by clicking on the appropriate menu item in the members area. With the effectiveness of the termination, HomepageService for You the right to any information that the member has received in the HomepageService for You set network or sent to delete. Different notice periods and contract periods may apply to some services.

6.3 The deletion of an account at HomepageService for You "is available free of charge and at any time. All the data will be deleted. The deletion of sites is in the login area under "Settings -> General" possible. Please understand that we delete any sites for security reasons to inquiries by email.

6.4 User-written messages in the forum, guest books or other communication areas may remain intact even after its withdrawal.

7th Advertising placements and advertising freedom

7.1 The User agrees that, on its website and its associated Extras (guestbook, forum, etc.) Banner, and other forms of advertising by oderTextlinks HomepageService for You may be involved.

7.2. The user has the option of advertising on its website at any time to turn off points for a certain period or forever. The ability to be found in the login area under "Points -> Redeem -> Extras".

8th Other schemes

1.8 Traffic is: When using self uploaded files as follows: It is 10 times as much each month traffic available, such as the user has memory available, so if the user forB. about 10 MB download available memory, it has 100 MB of download traffic available. In Übertraffic reserves Homepage Service for You, the concerned website to lock up to start the following month.

8.2 HomepageService for You expressly points out that when pictures, music, downloads, etc. from other sites are integrated into your website, the user must ensure that he obtains a permit from the website linked from it. HomepageService for You Should be a warning from operators of other websites with regard to this approach to Failure to have, reserves Homepage Service for You the right to delete the home page of the user and the demand by the warning may cost incurred by the user.

8.3. In HomepageService for You uploaded files can only be integrated into the homepages at HomepageService for You . The involvement on the part outside of HomepageService for You is strictly prohibited and punishable by immediate cancellation of the home page.

8.4. There may be no homepage accounts created by the pure Earn points. Fraud (forAs creating 10 accounts and back and forth between the points) are punished with full point deduction on all accounts and a closure of the site.

8.5. It is not allowed to the home pages or other related extras suchB. Counter, guestbook or forum, to apply the barter system in visitors, traffic generators, exit, pop-ups or PopUndersystemen. Excluded from this are lists of links, and other services which do not generate any traffic.

9th Terms and conditions

9.1 By signing in HomepageService for You , the user declares that he has read the terms and conditions and fully accepted.

09.02 Changes and additions to these terms and conditions require logging in the login area for confirmation. The user is required to read the general Geschäftsbeindungen regularly and completely. By clicking "accept" apply the changes to the terms and conditions as approved. The user is given this four weeks time. After this period of four weeks, the sites and accounts of users who have not accepted the changes to the terms and conditions will be deleted.

10th Final Provisions

10.1 If the provisions of these Terms or any future recorded in this provision should be or not legally valid or not feasible, or they lose their legal effectiveness or feasibility later, then thereby the validity of the remaining provisions of the contract will not be affected. The same applies if it turns out that the contract contains a gap: The invalid or unenforceable provision or to fill the regulatory gap is to apply an appropriate provision to the extent legally possible, comes closest to having what the parties intended or have wanted for the meaning or purpose of the contract would, if they had considered when concluding the contract or with the later addition of a provision to the point.

11th Performance

11.1. Jurisdiction for all and in connection with this contract directly or indirectly resulting dispute between the parties, to the extent permitted by law, Frankfurt am Main.

Hattersheim, the 04/12/2010