Here you'll get a brief list of some of the functions that you┤ll get with your free homepage. Because the list is very long at all, not all features are listed here.

General Functions

  • Super fast page delivery :
    Your new website will be delivered to your visitor as fast as possible. There are no eternally long load times. The complete web space has been specially optimized for the free homepages.
  • Top service and best possible security in the entire system:
    Multiple daily manuell checks of the software and technology which is used, guarantees you highest reliability. Both the server and the software hast a lot of safety features installed to make everything as safe as possible.
  • Help and Support for all Areas :
    Extensive and detailed manuals and an integrated support board, to ensure that everything is well explained.
  • A Setup wizard for an immediate start with your free home page :
    To help you get started, there is a wizard which helps you step by step to make your new homepage unique.
  • Subdomains instead of yard-long Url :
    Your free home page, of course, gets a short name and can be reached at (*.
  • domain support : If you allready have your own domain, then you are able to make your website reachable through your own domain name.
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